The Foundation

The aims of Maat Foundation are:

  • Improving the living conditions of the most disadvantaged people belonging to marginalized and mistreated ethnic groups, respecting the defense of their rights and promoting their integration through development projects: human, economic, cultural and social.
  • The preservation of indigenous peoples.
  • Encouraging the development of communities or ethnic groups already mentioned, stimulating their own responsibility and behaviors with the utmost respect for their culture and identity.
  • Disclosuring national and international history and existence of indigenous people in American and African tribes (currently existing and disappeared).
  • The dissemination of the culture of historically marginalized gipsy and romaní ethnic group in Spain and elsewhere.
  • Empowering communities and individuals that comprise them, by professionals and volunteers working with them on the ground.
For the achievement of the purposes mentioned in the previous article, the Foundation will undertake the following activities:
  • Projects related to the defense of the rights of marginalized and mistreated people, including the gipsy and romaní ethnic groups.
  • Projects related to indigenous peoples of the American and African tribes.
  • Collect, disseminate and publish the work in this direction through the Foundation's website, creating a large library and virtual library as well as online and edit publications, in any media nationally and internationally.
  • Organize debates and reflections on the social situation of marginalized people and develop social proposals aimed at improving the quality of life of these people.
  • Establish cooperative agreements with any institution or foundations that share identical or similar aims.
  • Scholarships and grants, to any person connected with the foundation. In particular, support scholarships or indigenous gipsy romaní women to pursue higher education.
  • Make travel related assistance for the purposes described, to work and know the problems and emergencies in situ.
  • Encourage and train volunteers to work for the same purposes mentioned above.
  • Promote and develop other activities of a social, educational, welfare etc, aimed at improving living conditions and providing development opportunities for marginalized and abused people.
  • In general, all activities agreed by the governing body of the Foundation to achieve its purposes and in particular the actions of sponsorship and patronage.
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